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Our Daily Life

From early rising until retiring late at night, the Carmelite day is interspersed with a continuous interchange of spiritual exercises: recitation of the Divine Office, Holy Mass, mental prayer and spiritual reading, with manual labor and two one-hour periods of recreation during which they are employed in some kind of useful occupation.

Manual labor is diversified and includes about every kind of duty: making Scapulars, mending habits, embroidering fine sacristy work, painting crucifixes and statues, to cleaning, cooking, laundry--even to the vigorous use of the hammer and saw, garden fork and hoe, the hum of sewing machines, lawnmowers, and other implements of toil.

Morning Clappers

5:15 AM - Rise. Clappers sound to awaken the Sisters, accompanied by the words, "Praised be Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, His Mother! Come to prayer, Sisters! Come to praise the Lord!"


5:40 AM - The Holy Rosary is recited in Choir, followed by Lauds.

After Lauds, the Great Silence ends, and simple silence is in effect through the day until the hour of Compline


6:20 AM - An hour of Mental Prayer

Divine Office.jpg

7:20 AM - Terce is recited in the Choir


7:40 AM - The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered, followed by a time of thanksgiving


8:30 AM - A light breakfast is served in the Refectory

Manual Labor Lawn

9:00 AM - Manual labor; the Sisters work in solitude in the cells, garden, or offices of the Monastery


11:30 AM - Sext, followed by the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary and a five-minute particular examination of conscience


12:00 PM - Dinner is served in the Refectory


12:30 PM - An hour of Recreation together

Free Time

1:30 PM - Free time

Spiritual Reading in Cell

2:00 PM - Spiritual Reading and personal prayer in cell


2:50 PM  - The hour of None is recited in the Choir

Manual Labor Raking

3:20 PM - Manual labor


4:45 PM - Vespers is recited in Choir (solemnly chanted on Sundays and major feasts)

Mental Prayer in Cell

5:10 PM - An hour of Mental Prayer


6:15 PM - Supper is served in the Refectory (During the Fast of the Order, from September 14 to Easter, Supper is replaced by a light Collation, except on Sundays and Major Feasts)


7:15 PM - An hour of Recreation together


8:15 PM - The hour of Compline, followed by Matins, is recited in Choir. 

The Great Silence begins now, and ends after Lauds of the following morning


10:30 PM - Retire

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"Wasn't this life of prayer and sacrifice the one that Jesus lived for 30 years?

He spent but three years in preaching.

Isn't this the life of Jesus in the Tabernacle?

Oh, sister dear, it is undoubtable that we've chosen the better part, since a Carmelite deals with God alone."

- Saint Teresa of the Andes

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